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Nigerians Are Getting Tired Of Buhari – NLC


Muhammadu-Buhari[1]The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said Nigerians are losing hope in President Buhari’s administration.

The labour body also called on the President to provide the needed leadership required to bring the country out of its current economic woes.

According to Daily Post, the NLC factional leader, Joe Ajaero said “Nigerians want to see new jobs or a guarantee that the spate of job losses have ceased. They want to see rice, garri, beverages and utilities within their reach and functioning.”

“We want to see the cost of transport come down and the roads being repaired. We want to see that the rot has stopped and the run on the economy turning around for the better.

“While Congress’ commends the President for convening the national stakeholders meeting to confront the challenges, Nigerians, however, need to see actions on the ground and not intentions and talk shops.

“It is the concrete steps that the people see that will rekindle hope and help the people stand together as a collective to weather this economic storm.

“In the midst of all these, we urge the President to talk to Nigerians now. He should address the people to reassure us of government’s programs and actions with guarantees of meeting stated timelines. This is not the time to talk through proxies but directly to the people.

“He is the President the people elected and should reconnect with them. This present challenge is an opportunity presented to him by providence to redefine his perhaps already waning Presidency. Great leaders are made in the furnaces created by this kind of challenge.

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“We want to point out to the President and the ruling elite that Nigerians elected them into office, perhaps as an alternative to taking matters into their hands. This is borne out of the belief that we shall experience real departure from the rot and decadence of the previous governments.

“Whether this trust will be fulfilled depends on what the government decides to do as from now.”

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has also described those calling for the sale of Nigeria’s assets as enemies of the nation.


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