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Selena Gomez Is Done With Justin Bieber


This-Is-How-Selena-Gomez-Celebrated-Her-22nd-Birthday-Fun-Photos-LoggTV-6Selena Gomez is done being hung up on Justin Bieber and she has taken major steps to make sure he stays out of her life.

A source close to the 24-year-old singer disclosed to Us weekly that she “changed her phone number. She told everyone not to give it to him.”

Many think its high time she finally moved on fro the on and off relationship she has courted with the “Sorry” singer since 2011.

The issues between the pair reached its peak in August when Bieber posted photos of his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, which quickly spiralled into a back and forth between Gomez and the 22-year-old singer, forcing him to take a brief hiatus from Instagram.

The source continues: “Selena lost it. She can be fragile emotionally and Justin is a major factor.”

Gomez, who has canceled her Revival tour because of lupus-related anxiety, is reportedly now “focused on her mental health.”

She made the revelation via Instagram in a statement she released on Tuesday, August 30, saying that she is taking a break in order to cope with her “panic attacks and depression.”


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