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I’ve Not Done Up To 100 Movies – RMD


rmd2With various accolades and awards under his belt, its hard to believe that Richard Mofe Damijo, aka RMD is yet to star in up to a hundred movies.

That being said, its hard to accept that some actors who just began acting a few years ago, claim to have have played a role in over a hundred movies.

In the 32 years since the veteran Nollywood actor began acting, RMD reveals that he is yet to achieve half of all he hopes to.

During a recent interview with Punch, he said:
“I have not achieved half of what I want to; I still hope to do better films. The roles are never finished and in spite of all you think I have done, I have not featured in up to 100 movies. I have been in this profession for about 32 years but I still have not done up to 100 movies. Actors do not retire; we keep working until we drop. I am not tilting towards modelling; I only made a joke on my Instagram page. As an actor, you are a model anyway.”

RMD also spoke on his weight loss which has led to rumours that he might be suffering from a terminal disease.

The 55-year-old disclosed that he intentionally shed some weight for a role he had to play in a movie titled, Oloibiri.

While speaking on the project with Sunday Beats, RMD threw some light on the harrowing situation in Niger Delta and the role he played as the leader of the militants called Gunpowder.

According to him, he had to shed over 20kg to fit the role he had to play.

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“I lost weight for the movie. At the time the movie was shot, I had to lose at least 20kg. Before we began to shoot the movie, I was weighing 120kg but by time we were shooting the movie, I weighed about 98kg. It was during that period that people thought I was ill. I did not say anything because it was not their business. It is the same people who said I looked sickly that are now saying that I am looking young and fine. If you answer everything that people say about you, you will not progress.

“I am from the Niger-Delta and I understand the level of degradation going on in my region. I was the commissioner for culture and tourism and what I did mostly was to try as much as possible to get young people into the arts and away from militancy. I did a lot of talent hunt show just to get them occupied. I took time off to do the movie and it was in the latter days of my service as a commissioner that the movie was shot. We used real guns but blank bullets for the movie. It is not true that Nollywood only uses fake guns for their projects; it is the level of your production that would determine the type of props you use. It would just cost more money to use the real deal.”


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