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Pete Edochie Blasts Fulani Herdsmen


patience-300x150Pete Edochie has made suggestions that the cases of Fulani herdsmen attacks in Igbo communities may bring grave consequences.

The actor stated this in a proverbial way during an interview with Ugwumba Television.

He said, “If an innocent child is respecting you whilst you flog him, he would retaliate when you force him to a tight corner.”

“I say to you, man will die once and one day and defend himself with whatever weapon available to him. That is the way I will answer your question on killer herdsmen.”

Though there have been various reports of violent attacks on communities all over the country by the herdsmen, but many of these cases happened in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Most of the attacks have been unprovoked, making it a source of wonder for observers to understand why they have been occurring.


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