Author Topic: Debts Left For the Next Generation By Nigerian State Governors  (Read 267 times)


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Debts Left For the Next Generation By State Governors...Party-By-Party Basis

PDP States.
1] Kano (PDP) owes $61.7million
2] Katsina (PDP) owes $74.6million
3] Akwa Ibom (PDP) owes $61.6 million
4] Cross River (PDP) owes $113million
5] Kebbi (PDP) owes $47.8million
6] Kogi (PDP) owes $33.8million
7] Niger (PDP) owes $29.7million
8] Kwara (PDP) owes $45.5million
9] Kaduna (PDP) owes $215.6million
10] Plateau (PDP) owes $21.9million
11] Rivers (PDP) owes $36.6million
12] Jigawa (PDP) owes $33.6million
13] Gombe (PDP)owes $31.7million
14] Enugu (PDP) owes $50million
15] Delta (PDP) owes $18.9million

APC States.
16] Lagos (APC) owes $611.2 million
17] Nassarawa (APC) owes $36.9 million
18] Ogun (APC) owes $102million
19] Ondo (APC) owes $51.8 million
20] Osun (APC) owes $62.7million
21] Oyo (APC) owes $76.6million
22] Edo (APC) owes $42.7 million.

APGA And Labour State(s)
23] Imo (APGA) owes $51.9million
24] Anambra (APGA) owes $26.7million
25] Ekiti (LD) owes $36.1million

$2.4BN FOREIGN DEBTS: Mortgaging the future of Lagos and other States

Anyone who thinks the solution to Nigeria's problem is changing political party needs a rethink. The statistics above shows that no Party is a Saint!

Do you Know that it will take Lagos state 69 years to pay-up their debts, While Kaduna state will pay theirs in 38 years. Ogun state on its own will service this loan till the next 35 years.

Who is deceiving who?


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