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Bingo’s gone mobile

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Since the traditional game of bingo went online, it’s become more popular than ever and today, there are more than 100 million players of the online game around the world. And now it’s even easier to play as you can play it on the move, too, thanks to the increasing number of bingo sites that are offering their games in a mobile format.

Now that bingo has gone mobile you can play it on the way to and from work i.e you can play bingo on mobile, while you’re waiting for a bus or sitting in a waiting room for a meeting or an appointment. There’s no need to worry about concentrating as the game requires very little effort on the player’s part and you won’t be distracted by background noise from other people around you. All you need to do is decide which game to play and how many tickets to buy. If you were a fan of roulette or blackjack, you’d be less likely to want to play these games on the move as they require a greater level of concentration – and you are usually dealing with higher value stakes or bets.

Playing bingo has always offered great value entertainment as the price per game is so low. You can buy tickets for pennies at a time, and in fact, you can choose to play games for free once you sign up for an online bingo site. There are many alternatives online including big names like BGO, GameVillage Bingo and Costa Bingo. For example, there are plenty of free Costa Bingo games that have jackpots of up to £50 to play for, and there’s a weekly free game on Friday nights called Costa Crazy, where the jackpot is a guaranteed £10,000 – not bad for a game that is free to play!

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When you first join a bingo site, you’ll be entitled to a welcome bonus when you first make a deposit into your account. Most bingo sites will match or double the amount you pay as your initial deposit. At Costa, you get a 200% bonus and then a 50% bonus every time you make a subsequent deposit – which means your bingo playing funds will stretch even further.

The Costa mobile app also gives players access to special promotions that are for mobile players only. One such example is the Roam Free games, which are available exclusively to mobile and tablet players. Every day, there is up to £500 available in guaranteed jackpots on the Roam free games, so while you’re logging in to play bingo anyway, you may as well be in with a chance of winning something for nothing by playing the free games too.

With so many people already enjoying bingo, now that more sites like Costa have gone mobile, it wouldn’t be surprising if bingo got even more popular.



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