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Manage multiple cloud drives by starting one account on MultCloud

MultCloud-Software-pngInstead of saving data on local hard disk drive, people these days tend to save their data on cloud drives. Yes, cloud drive is safe, convenient, and easy for us to share things with friends on SNS. But most cloud drives have a limit on storage space, no matter it’s Google Drive or Dropbox. For larger storage space or other purposes, many of us have created multiple cloud drives on different cloud drive services. However, this may bring us some trouble as well. For example, we might find ourselves in trouble of locating a specific file among multiple cloud drives quickly. Today we will give a review of web-based APP named MultCloud. It’s a decent solution of multiple cloud drive management. Starting one account on MultCloud gives you an access to multiple cloud drives of yours.


Main Features

1. Combine multiple cloud drives

MultCloud has been authorized by the following cloud drive service providers: Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox and SugarSync. Now the users can add their accounts on these service providers into one single account on MultCloud. There’s no need to login or sign out when switching between two different cloud accounts.

2. Search Files

By entering keywords in the search blank, MultCloud will instantly locate the related files among all the accounts. No more troubling in searching files in multiple cloud drives.

3. Move files

To transfer files between different cloud drives, we need to download it first then upload to the destination cloud drive if we don’t have a third-party cloud management APP. With the help of MultCloud, moving files from one cloud drive to another is as easy as copy/paste files from one drive to another in Windows Explorer. No more need to download files to local hard drive.

4. Preview Files    

MultCloud allows the users to preview files (formats: jpg, png, pdf, xls, doc) online. This could be very helpful for the users to identify different files.

3. Share Files

We can share files on MultCloud directly to our friends on SNS. Or we can share the files with friends by sending them emails. They will get a link in the email to download the shared files from MultCloud.

In addition to the above,  MultCloud has recently be updated to include following features:

1. Add FTP to Multcloud
2. Add WebDav to Multcloud
3. Add the menu option “Copy to”
4. Login with Google and FaceBook Account.
5. User interface improved: Easier to use.
6. Fix several bugs.


MultCloud is definitely excellent in functions and usability. We do think it’s one of the best cloud management APP on the market, not to mention it’s totally free. If you happen to own multiple accounts on Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Box and Dropbox, then you may please give this APP a try.


  1. how to share file with MultCloud:https://www.multcloud.com/download/C64CC70A-94C0-0001-9F44-6A5B6603EB40


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