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How to Overcome Interview Disappointment

Interview-Disappointment-on-self-controlIt is likely that each one of us, at some point in our lives, will experience a bad interview. We might stutter, freeze, forget our carefully crafted speech, turn up late or simply be eclipsed by far more exemplary candidates. Having a ‘bad’ interview extends further than simply not getting the job. It can be a knock to our confidence and our motivation moving forward.

However, it’s important to remember that an unsuccessful interview isn’t always something to feel disheartened over. It can be helpful to think about each interview as bringing you closer to the one which will land you that dream job. It’s always a good idea to ask the interviewer for feedback afterwards. Most will be happy to give you constructive comments and the advice they give you can be invaluable as you continue your job search.

In any interview, preparation is crucial. Make sure you research the company to which you are applying, know your CV, plan answers to questions you think the interviewer might ask you and have a few questions to ask them in return at the end. Of course, it’s natural to feel nervous, but the more practice you have the easier it will become.

Although it can be difficult to overcome interview disappointment, it’s important to remain proactive. Many of us are facing competitive job markets and you won’t succeed unless you remain persistent and continue applying to new jobs. Try to stay motivated by thinking about your ultimate career goals. What will that job mean to you? Are you looking forward to doing something you love, or simply looking forward to earning a steady wage so you can save up for a car or house?

There are also lots of people you can turn to for support. Careers guidance services can offer great advice on interview tips and what employers are looking for. Friends and family can also be an invaluable source of support, not only for encouragement but for practising your interview techniques on! If you are a spiritually-minded person you might find comfort in having a tarot reading at TheCircle for example, to give you some perspective on your life and a renewed sense of positivity for the future. It’s important to find motivation in whatever way works best for you.

So, next time you have an interview which you feel didn’t quite go to plan, don’t let it get you down. Learn from it, move on, and vow to make the next one even better.


  1. Good to read especially someone who just cleared campus.
    Kindly get more of this am sure it will help most of us….

  2. This made a lot of sense and I want to say I learnt a lot from this one. This would be very useful.


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