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Blue Coat to Deliver Transformative Security Solution With HP to Combat Advanced Targeted Attacks

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 25, 2014) – Blue Coat Systems, Inc., the market leader in business assurance technology today announced it is collaborating with HP to deliver a transformative lifecycle defense to combat the onslaught of advanced persistent threats. The new solution provides operational control across detection, isolation and remediation by aligning perimeter protection with actionable security intelligence and analytics.

For years, organizations worldwide have faced the wrath of advanced threats, zero-day threats and designer malware. Organizations have responded with ever increasing investments in point defenses that do not or cannot share intelligence with other defenses in the network. Despite the increased investment in security, the number of successful security breaches continued to surge in 2013. As these attacks continue to grow, the ability to detect them is not keeping pace. According to the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, 84 percent of advanced targeted attacks took seconds, minutes or hours to compromise targets while 78 percent of breaches took weeks, months or years to discover. Instead, a different approach is required.

Blue Coat and HP Enterprise Security Products will deliver a transformative approach that integrates defenses for each stage of the threat lifecycle and automates intelligence sharing across the security infrastructure. The solution will provide a holistic response that is grounded by these foundational elements:

  • Full visibility into all traffic on the network to identify threats and data exfiltration using encryption to evade security defenses
  • Perimeter defenses that block all known threats and malware sources
  • Actionable intelligence and analytics that shorten the time between breach, incident discovery and response 
  • Incident response that is integrated with post breach threat intelligence to fortify perimeter defenses in real time

The integration of the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection Solution with HP Threat Central and Automated Threat Assessments will enable security analysts to gain operational control by closing the gap between breach, incident discovery and remediation.

With full visibility into all traffic on the network, the solution will deliver a more comprehensive view into incidents. Shared threat intelligence across the detection, containment and remediation defenses through the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network and HP Threat Central will enable faster resolution of incidents. Providing greater context into incidents and operationalizing threat intelligence will fortify defenses across the security environment. 

“To combat advanced persistent threats, enterprises need complete visibility and operational control that bridges the gap between prevention, incident containment and resolution,” said Joe Levy, CTO at Blue Coat Systems. “Through this partnership with HP, we are helping enterprises finally address advanced persistent threats at each stage of the threat lifecycle by delivering a solution that integrates the industry’s leading security products to share threat intelligence and provide operational control.”

“The number of successful breaches continues to surge despite higher levels of investment in security defenses, which calls for a new approach that enables seamless sharing of threat intelligence information across the industry,” said Rob Greer, vice president and general manager, TippingPoint, Enterprise Security Products, HP. “Through collaboration with Blue Coat, HP is addressing this challenge head on, bringing together powerful, complementary security solutions that can provide an integrated defense that continues to get smarter as new threats are discovered.”

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