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Monalisa Chinda’s Ex-Editor Reveals Reason Behind Resignation

Monalisa-Chinda-Contrary to widespread media reports that she recently resigned from Monalisa Chinda’s publication, Estella Ogbonna has disclosed that she left the employ of the magazine over a month ago.
In a statement released exclusively to Theinfostrides, Estella says, ’I left ‘Monalisa over 30 days ago. I’m surprised that blogs are just reporting what is already stale news without any form of verification. This would never happen in America. It goes to show the kind of Journalism practised here’. Why is it in the media now? I left that place a week before Christmas 2013! There is no news here! Someone must be up to something.’
Going further to state the reasons behind her departure from the magazine, she said, ’I came with high expectations to give my 110%, things didn’t work out, and hence, I left. So, now I am doing something I’ve always had intense passion for since childhood – Fashion Designing. I love to write too, I will still do freelance media work as a fashion editor for couple of fashion magazines here and in the USA.’
‘Being blessed with multi-talents plus zeal to succeed, I will make this work! I think the world should move forward rather than indulge in speculative posts I wish everyone well. Estella Couture & JeanKara (my fashion labels) come first now,’ she concluded.
Apart from being an editor, Estella is also a designer who has had her collections showcased at high profile fashion shows, including the Washington DC and London Fashion Week, both in 2012.


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