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RedCap Releases First Ever App Designed Exclusively for Lefties

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Apr 1, 2014) – Please be advised that the following press release is an April Fool’s announcement being issued by RedCap. RedCap, a mobile marketplace designed to make life easier, safer, more convenient and fun by providing Personal Drivers for its members’ private cars, announced today that it is the first company ever to specifically address the needs of 31 million Americans who are left handed with the release of a specialized app in the Google Play Store. Adhering to the company’s founding principle, the new RedCap for Lefties app ensures that a full 10 percent of the U.S. population will no longer be inconvenienced by awkwardly stretching with their left thumb toward non-intuitive on-screen swipes, or fumbling to touch the correct letters and numbers while holding a smartphone. 

Left-handed people, who are noted in the Hebrew Bible three times, have been at an inherent disadvantage for thousands of years. With the exception of jousting, punching, pitching a ball, and the occasional great shot on the golf course, the world has traditionally accommodated only the mass succession of right-handed people walking the Earth. Everyday activities like handshakes, winding up a watch, using a mouse, reaching for the car ignition, and cutting with scissors, have forced Lefties through the ages to suffer by conforming to inferior dexterity. 

RedCap, which currently serves The San Francisco Bay Area and South Florida with carefully screened and insured Personal Drivers, has fielded thousands of e-mails over the years from users requesting a left-handed app for accessing their lifestyle-enhancing service. The e-mails frequently insisted that the RedCap app, which is designed at its core to make life easier, had fallen short for Lefties.

Sean Guerin, a long-time RedCap member and left-handed individual, wrote: “I would use your service more frequently to drive me and my family in our own car if it was just more convenient for my left-handed self to order the service.” 

In addition to the 31 million confirmed left-handed Americans nationwide, they are likely many more covert Lefties who have assimilated to right-handedness out of fear of being ostracized and discriminated against.

David Zwick, founder of RedCap, who happens to be a Lefty but had never considered the size of the left-handed market at the conception of the RedCap app, said in a statement: “Had I known that there were nearly 2 million left-handed people in the markets we serve, I never would have ignored them. This is a matter that is deeply personal to me and I have made it my crusade to ensure that the injustice that left-handed people have faced through the ages will no longer propagate.”

Zwick went on to say, “It is truly amazing that there are more than 2 million apps available on Google Play and The Apple App Store. With 10% of the population being left-handed, you might expect to see a few hundred thousand left-handed apps, but that is not the case.” 

RedCap is the first company to address the left-handed market with its RedCap for Lefties app that launched today for the Android platform. The Apple iOS version is soon to follow. When asked why Android first, Zwick had this to say: “Android was very much the underdog years ago and we see Lefties as having a lot of ground to make up. It was only fitting to start with Android.”

The real gem of the RedCap for Lefties app is not just that it provides easier access to Personal Drivers for its left-handed members to be driven in their personal vehicles, a service that frequently costs less than a taxi and much less than a black car, but the “Left-handed Conversion” feature that allows the user to convert the other apps on their Android device to a left-handed centric user experience. From checking the weather with an app that addresses the unique aspects of the left-handed wrist motion, to dialing a phone number without having to hold the phone with both hands, the possibilities are great and the implications for society staggering. 

The success of the RedCap for Lefties app will propel the company to venture into other markets, such as customized ignition switches for cars and lifestyle merchandise that appeals to this niche market.

About RedCap
Founded in 2010, RedCap is a premium personal driver service where users can select from carefully screened and insured drivers to transport them in the comfort and convenience of their own vehicles. Easily accessible via iOS and Android devices, RedCap provides an invaluable resource to members who want to communicate with drivers day and night to schedule safe and expedient rides to and from their destinations. RedCap currently operates in the San Francisco Bay area and South Florida’s Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, with plans to expand nationwide underway.

For more information, visit https://www.myredcap.com/. To download the RedCap app on an iOS device, visit the App Store.

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