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The Top SIP Trunking Providers of 2014, Announced by VoipReview.org

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – May 5, 2014) – Companies that are looking to improve their communications systems are taking advantage of some of the top notch SIP trunking providers that are available today. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking uses the internet to maintain communication functions in order to make organizing and maintaining incoming and outgoing calls run smoothly. SIP trunking uses advanced cloud communications that helps improve telephony communications and keep pricing low. The way SIP trunking works is by integrating data and voice connections into a single line, that way information is simply stored in the same place so that transferring data and keeping track of communication information is seamless. SIP trunking uses and onsite PBX to route calls and with SIP trunking in addition to your PBX is that SIP trunking will combine your connections and increase employee efficiency. Users of SIP trunking are also able continue using their current voice over IP systems when purchasing a new SIP trunking system. Of all the SIP trunking providers available today, the experts at VoipReview.org have determined the top two: Broadvoice and 8×8, Inc.


Broadvoice is the number one provider of SIP trunking gear and gets praise on a constant basis by their thousands of customers due to their wide range of features and quality service. Broadvoice has options for three types of SIP trunking plans. Each start at a minimum of 5 ports and 1 DID per trunk at $55 per month and grows to having unlimited ports and 1 DID per trunk for $400 per month. In order to benefit the most from your SIP trunking plan, it only costs users $5 for each additional port and $2 for each additional DID. Broadvoice has a plethora of DID numbers to choose from and they give customers new phone numbers in any of the lower 48 states, regardless of where your company is actually located. Customers who wish to keep their existing phone numbers have no charge for transferring their existing number to a new Broadvoice service. One of the most unique features about Broadvoice is that they allow customers to use Asterisk and Trixbox with their service. Broadvoice has extensively tested Asterisk, Trixbox, Shoretel, Switchvox and Talkswitch and now have clients routing millions of minutes a month by using these platforms. Broadvoice provides US-based technical support so that customers are able to speak to an attendant that will help get your SIP trunking system fixed in no time.

8×8, Inc.

8×8, Inc. is one of the top SIP trunking provider with solutions that come with a flexible VoIP dial tone that is customized to meet the needs of any business, regardless of field. 8×8, Inc. specializes in small to medium sized businesses, helping them grow and thrive with their communication systems. They are well known for their scalability, as they offer free and unlimited calling between 8×8 enabled sites and lets you pay-as-you-grow. There are over 7,000 rate centers with 8×8 SIP trunking technology, as they are trusted amongst many. They give customers new DID numbers if needed, but also allow customers to keep their existing phone numbers if they prefer. All of their service plans have 6-second billing increments to help companies choose what best fits their company plan. Toll-free numbers give customers the option to pool minutes. 8×8, Inc.’s inbound and outbound service also lets customers use existing high-speed internet connection to its fullest.

Businesses who want to read more on SIP trunking providers can visit: http://www.voipreview.org/Business_Telephone_Systems/SIP_trunking.aspx

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