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Tupac’s Final Words Revealed

Although many believe he’s still alive despite his rap group The Outlawz revealing what they did with Tupac’s ashes after his death – Young Noble and EDI Mean confirmed that they smoked his ashes at a memorial beach party – many still believe he’s alive.

Conspiracy theories have flooded the cyberspace over the years, with some saying he now lives in Cuba, New Zealand, Tasmania or rural Pennsylvania in the US.

A policeman, Chris Carroll was a sergeant on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department however said he was the first security agent to get to where Pac was shot. He claimed Tupac Shakur’s final words were” F**k you”.

Carroll told Vegas Seven said he tried to ask Tupac several times about who he believed had shot him on the night.

After he repeatedly asked “Who shot you?”, Tupac replied with his final two words.

Carroll said that Tupac then passed out and was taken to the hospital where he later died after the shooting on September 7, 1996.

Tupac died six days after the drive-by shooting at age 25, but his murder case still remains unsolved.

According to The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, Shakur was originally named Lesane Parish Crooks, but his name was moniker was changed to Tupac Amaru Shakur. “Tupac Amaru” means “shining serpent.”


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