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European NGO Protects Its Non-E.U. Members on 'Right to Be Forgotten Online' Court Ruling in European Union

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – June 12, 2014) – A non-governmental organisation in London, Great Britain has discovered a valid solution that legally protects the of rights of residents outside of European Union due to its organization members receiving immunity and protection under an International Organisational Charter and the ‘right to be forgotten online’ court ruling made by European Union Court of Justice (ECJ), which enforce removal of personal data from search engines and privately-owned websites that may infringe privacy rights of individuals.

International Cyber-Rights Associations (ICRA) launched a website a week ago called Cyberrights.co.uk to promote awareness on civil and human rights in the Internet Community, in hopes to stop cyber-bullying and cyber-crimes committed by websites that violate civil and human rights by negative propaganda, defamation, harassment, or infringement published on public websites via blog, search engine, social media, and message board.

ICRA Spokesperson tells the press that the website and social media seem to be generating a significant amount of awareness in the first week. ICRA has already generated over 11,000 Facebook ‘likes’ and over 20,000 followers on Twitter in less than one week from initial launch of website.

Article by: UK Public Media


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