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Stay at Home and Enjoy the Football World Cup in Style

So, you don’t have a ticket for any of the World Cup games and you will be thousands of miles away from Rio, Sao Paulo and the rest of the venues when it kicks off?

It would be great to be in Brazil to enjoy the action first hand but you can still enjoy a top class World Cup by staying at home. Here are some top tips for making it an event to remember.

Take Time Off Work

One of the problems with global sporting events is that the kick off times can’t suit everyone. This means that it is usually best to take a week or two off work to catch all the action. A quick look online at the games schedule will let you see which days you would be best taking a holiday on. Don’t forget that lots of people will want to take time off for the biggest games, so try and get the time booked as soon as you can.

Do Some Fact Finding

The World Cup is the one opportunity many of us get to watch exotic teams and players from all over the world. This is part of what makes it all so hugely exciting but it can also make it confusing to watch as well. A good idea is to do some research and find out about the teams and players who are going to be involved. This will make you seem like an expert to your friends and will also help you follow the action with a bit more genuine interest.

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Buy a Big TV

If you are going to be watching the games at home then the quality of the TV image you see is one of the most important factors of all. Could this be the perfect moment to splash out on a giant high definition TV set? This is going to be especially useful if you are planning on inviting a few friends round to see games together. Of course, the TV will be of great use to you for a long time afterwards as well. Some electrical retailers offer special deals on their equipment in the run up to the World Cup, so be sure to look out for any deals that might be useful to you.

Go Digital

The switch to receiving digital TV reception is something many people think about when a major event like this comes up. If you like to immerse yourself in the action then having a lot more channels to choose from can only be a good thing. Some people also think about doing this in order to keep the non-football lovers in the house happy as well. Maybe after a day of intense football action you can settle down with you partner or family to watch a movie or a great show.

Get a Better TV Aerial Fitted

If your TV doesn’t always get a great reception you might end up with a very frustrating World Cup viewing experience. What will your reaction be if the picture turns into fuzzy images just as an important goal looks as though it’s about to be scored? Any football fan that needs a better TV aerial installation sorted out should do so before the action kicks off. Being able to watch the games fully relaxed and with a crystal clear image is sure to enhance your World Cup enjoyment even more.

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Make Some Brazilian Snacks and Drinks

What could really get you in the mood for the games? Well, a fantastic idea is to get some Brazilian snacks and drinks ready for you to enjoy. This is another tip which is ideal for those games you are inviting a bunch of friends over for. If you live in a big city with a good number of Brazilian immigrants then you might find that there are some specialists shops where you can buy the products you need. Otherwise, a look online will show you some recipes ideas. A pile of brigadieros, some chicken coxinhas and a plate full of salgados should really get everyone in to the right frame of mind. In terms of drinks, you might get lucky and be able to buy some energy boosting cans of guaraná juice nearby. If you want something a bit stronger then the recipe for caipirinhas isn’t too difficult as long as you can get hold of the cachaça spirit needed for it.

What plans have you already made for a fantastic World Cup at home?


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