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Idris Elba Says He Doesn’t Want To Live A Celebrity Lifestyle

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He’s is obviously one of the sexiest Black American men in Hollywood currently and from his looks, you don’t have to ask why.

The hunky and charming Idris Elba – who has an 11-year old daughter named Isan, with ex-wife Dormowa Sherman, and another four-month-old son, Winston with girlfriend, Naiyana Garth, has insisted he has no plans to move to the US from the UK because he doesn’t want his children growing up in the limelight.

In a chat with the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: ‘I won’t be moving out here [to LA]. I don’t want to get into all of that. I don’t want my family growing up here. That isn’t me, it just isn’t. I rented a place on my own in North Hollywood, but the time I spent here was on my own. I’m not into the whole fame thing. ‘I don’t have celebrity friends. I have the same ones I had from when I was a kid. For me it’s about my family, it’s about my kids, what is best for them.’

Idris credits his childhood growing up in Hackney, London, for helping him to stay level-headed. He explained: ‘It wasn’t easy but I feel at home there. I love it, it’s that kind of place. My heart will always be there. I learned so much there. ‘I have the best memories of playing outside with my friends. We had very little but it didn’t matter. It was the simple things that I enjoyed and I still do. It was a poor area back then but it taught me a lot.’


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