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2ND Hand Husband: Nkiru Sylvanus Set To Reunite With Former Lover Who Married Oge Okoye


Just recently, reports were circulating that one popular Nollywood actress is about to marry another Nollywood actress’ ex-husband.

After enough digging into the matter, I discovered that this report might actually be true, and the two actresses are Oge Okoye and Nkiru Sylvanus.

Some years ago Oge Okoye reportedly snatched Amsterdam-based Stanley Duru from Nkiru Sylvanus and married him.

Mr Duru dumped Nkiru while they were planning their marriage and took off with Oge Okoye to Amsterdam where they lived until Oge Okoye conceived.

She delivered a baby boy and the marriage was hit by a scandal. The couple reconciled and Oge took in again and delivered a baby girl in 2010.

Allegedly, the marriage hit a dead end over 2 years ago when Oge reportedly had an affair with her husband’s best friend in Berlin, a move that forced her husband to call off the marriage.

Fast forward to this year, Stanley Duru and Nkiru Sylvanus are back in each other’s arms and are set to married.

The wedding is supposed to take place this month but it has been shifted to next year.


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