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Check Out Shocking Revelations About 9ice From EX – Wife, Toni Payne

Popular Singer 9ice’s ex-wife, Toni Payne who is also the mother of the singer’s first child has taken to her Instagram page to pen down her grievances.


Toni Payne who is a television host and lifestyle writer got emotional in a new post she made on her instagram page. This is coming just few days after she reacted angrily to fans who accused her of cheating on her ex-husband. The lifestyle writer says she feels bad that she is being accused wrongly and that this is all happening because she loved the wrong person…..

The other day I lost my cool when I shud av ignored cos I let people who do not matter get to me. It got me trending in a way I did not like and that for me I can’t ignore. Till today, I get an unreasonable amount of hate for something I did not do. I ignore most times but this time I reacted. I’ve been thru a lot so sometimes I find them hard to ignore, maybe because Iv addressed it to the point that it feels like it will never go away. Iv been called every name in the book, bitch, attn seeker, etc simply because I loved the wrong person but still I held my head high choosing to carry on.

I do my best to stay true to who I am and be a good person. Tho sum may deem it weakness, I’m a free spirit and av no problem baring my soul so yes I’ll admit, even though I’m strong, it sometimes gets to me. Not because their opinions matter but because I even have to deal with it in the first place and most of the time it feels surreal. I understand that not everyone will like me, so they will use anything they can against me. I probably wouldn’t care if it was something I actually did.

Then I’ll accept that It is what it is. I wish I could explain the feeling of being wrongly accused in that magnitude. It’s like a million welts digging deep at your soul, and no one seems to understand you. To some it’s funny, to some it’s a headline, to me, it’s reassurance I have to give my son that a nasty rumor was badly mismanaged. It’s the explaining I will be doing in the years to come.

It’s irritating when it keeps popping up and I have to turn the other cheek but I’m learning each day to always keep my cool. I’m happy and content but also human. Excuse me if I react sometimes to stupidity thrown in my direction.. God gave me a fresh start and for that I should be grateful.. Apologies if I disappointed anyone by clapping back…..I promise next time to try harder to ignore and hopefully this will be the last of it… Xoxo #Osha

It would be recalled that just few months ago, Toni Payne came out to give a firm and controversial warning to all women who are looking to take a man to the altar, saying that women should not stay if their man is poor.

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