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Study Finds That Codeless Mobile App Development Platforms Are Significantly Quicker Than Pure Application Coding

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – May 19, 2015) – A study released today by Smith’s Point Analytics, and sponsored by Globo, Altova, and Umajin, describes how enterprises are able to create higher value mobile apps 3-5 times quicker using codeless development platforms rather than traditional coding approaches.

Based on the study’s survey of mobile app users, developers, and business managers, users of codeless mobile app development platforms were able to roll out 13 mobile apps per year. This compares to previous analysis by Smith’s Point Analytics that concluded programmers could only create 2.6 apps per year using native SDKs and 4 per year leveraging cross platform tools.

Codeless app development platforms enable IT and line of business teams to create apps through a drag and drop interface at the rate of one new prototype every week. The study also found that frequently used mobile apps save employees significant amounts of time. On average, employees saved 3.2 hours a week using each of their top four most regularly used enterprise apps. The ability for codeless platforms to put more apps in the hands of workers leads to increased productivity of the mobile workforce, concludes the analysis.

“Codeless app platforms have great potential to drive accelerated productivity throughout any company’s mobility strategy,” said Peter Crocker, author of the report.

The research also found a significant difference in use of apps based on how they had been developed. Apps that were developed using a collaborative approach to mobile app development yielded more valuable apps. Mobile enterprise app users reported that the applications they used most frequently and saved them the most time were created with their input integrated throughout the development process. In fact these apps saved users 3.3x more time than apps where specifications were gathered at the beginning of the development process and 2.8x more time than apps which were built with limited user input. The ability for non-developers to quickly prototype and test apps using codeless app development platforms makes these solutions great options to support a more collaborative app development strategy.

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