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Online Dating: Three Likely Problems

date onlineNo doubt internet has given broader direction in meeting new friends, virtual brothers, sisters, siblings that live millions of miles away. The internet has created obviously a better relationship space than the ones we have in our surroundings. Different people have met best ever relationship they ever had in their lifetime on Flirchi, Facebook, Twitter, Ashley Madison, among others bigger websites where friendship ties can easily be soldered. There is no trouble saying that the internet has created a destination for people to meet their lovers: married, single, and casual lovers. What more do you want to say about the online dating? It has gotten problems of its own:

The person lives several miles away

First difficulty in sealing off online dating is the problem of distance. As unresolved and conspicuous this may be, lovers fall in love and make e-proposal to one another for love. People want to bridge this wall by giving video calls via Skype or send their videos via Youtube, Instagram. Can this resolve the problem? No. It might just be the end of the story for not seeing your lover. Really, you have seen his video, her picture; you might never feel his physical presence. The internet has no sorry for this.

Break up anytime, any day

This might not be your fault. Breaking up might have resulted from some factors which each of the parties do not book for. However, internet dating requires a heavy online presence to be able to catch up with the flow of conversation with your lover/date. You do not want to miss her face as well as the thread of conversation especially when it has gotten to solving the distance issue. She has already gotten a ticket to come to your place. Well, it can be the greatest shock that the next minute can mark the end of story of love that begins on Alison Madison.


Sometimes, you guess what the internet is made up. Fake people. Real people living out of your sight. Fakery is one of the biggest problems of internet. People create false profile on the internet to attract and to obtain financial advantage over their loving partners. And that is the way the world is. Illusion is jumping out of every corner. Your date might be a male while creating a female profile with an admirable false picture. A beauty that instantly seduces you. But then, is reality out of what you see everyday?


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