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Opinion: You can’t win an Election with Propaganda and Expect to Rule with It

And whenever you ask my brothers from the South-West why they wanted Goodluck Jonathan out of power, one of the reasons they give was the almost total sideline of the region in federal appointments. The euphoria and the optimism that heralded the new APC government was one to remember. I can remember many of them shouting “Igba otun ti de fun Yoruba”.

In fact some others were already doing permutations as regards the Yoruba sons and daughters that would feature prominently in PMB’s cabinet. Not a few were saying in loud whispers “Fashola is the new SGF”. Elections are over; it’s now the business of governance. I might be blind to Change in my subjective mind because I’m yet to see any tangible change. Probably someone can make me see better.

What I have however seen so far are sacks everywhere and talks of probe without anybody being jailed, the shouts of stolen money and different sums being pronounced be it 40billion, 20billion, 20trillion, 6billion, 1.6billion etc, no family has received a monthly stipend of 5000naira talkless of 25million families, the Chibok girls are not yet back, Boko Haram is yet to be crushed, employment rate is in reverse gear, the stock market is crashing down, investors are on the run, the naira is underperforming, nor jobs talkless of the much-vaunted 3million jobs yearly, unemployed graduates are receiving no monthly stipends, public school pupils are still salivating about a free meal that may never come, no policy direction whatsoever.

Enough with the propaganda already, you can’t win an election with propaganda and expect to rule with it. It’s time to face the business of governance and enough with the petty talks. Jonathan has looted the country dry, please put him in jail already, Diezani is the greatest thief ever ok, put her on trial and jail her but please get on to work and hit the ground running. Enough of this slow movement. Before you call me a wailer thank you I’m one already. Some unintelligent folks will soon rush to the Facebook pages of their propaganda-in-chiefs to copy some silly statements to prove a point. Imagine the lopsided federal appointments and some people are so shameless to list appointments made by GEJ and accuse him of the same thing.

Why the Change in the first place if PMB is going to do the same thing you accused GEJ of? GEJ sidelined the Yorubas when the likes of Gbajabiamila connived with Tambuwwal to deny their sister the top position in the HOR. Thank God karma is such a b*tch, Gbajabiamila has been paid back in his own coin. Any significant change in Yorubaland? Yeah you lots are good for media roles while the northerners are fitter for administrative positions. And to those that will come here and shout competence over federal character, it’s good to assume there are no competent people in the south of Nigeria.

Or we should probably say the only men of integrity can be found in the North. The South is full of rogues and thieves. The people who inserted federal character in the constitution of a multi-ethnic country like this were perhaps so foolish and daft. Just imagine trashy sayings like “Buhari can appoint anybody if they can get the job done”. Southerners are so useless that they cannot get the job done.

I might need to change my name to Mustapha Daura if I don’t want to remain jobless.

By Nasiru Abdu Maikwano via: Facebook


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