1. Man of God! God is already sweeping through and until he swept out the least of them. Do you remember when David killed Goliath, the remaining Palestinian run away, the same thing will happen to them, God had heard the Cries of his people, and stepping in to intervene.

  2. … well, this is what happens when a Banker leaves the helm of a Bank to become CBN Governor. He will always be sympathetic to his mentor who is the Chairman of his former employers and will never sanction them for any percieved wrongdoing, but will instead work around them to make it seem less criminal.

    How can you play trial and error with a fragile economy and put all the blame on Niger Delta and Oil prices? Are we the only oil producers? How come Iran, who suffered decades of severe sanctions and currency restrictions, was able to come out of it and immediately purchase $75B worth of commercial aircraft alone?

    And don’t tell me size of the population. How much oil does India produce? Were they also not a former colony of Gross Britannia? Is Nigeria 12 years behind India (seeing as India got their independence 12 years before Nigeria).

    And besides, Indians are more corrupt than Nigerians.

    The problem of Nigeria is simple: ITK and DKJ – I Too Know and Don’t Know Jack – They complement each other. Or in the layman’s language – Oversabi!

    And then there’s the Senators and Reps! End of discussion.

  3. Your comments are bereft of intelligence. You ought to keep your garbage views to yourself rather than spill it out. Likely you are one of those who purchased your higher education the ‘backyard way.’ Shhhh, be silent and learn when elders speak so you don’t expose your mediocrity.

  4. Let us call a spade a spade my people. Our beloved Country, needs Globally and really seasoned and Tested Economic Chiefs , the likes of Professors Charles Soludo, Dr, Ngozi okonjo Iwuala etc. to turn the table of this National Economic Recession for the interest of the poor under privileged Citizens of Nigeria whose Salaries and incomes have been crushed to an unbearable low values compared to the present rate of International Currencies. Frankly Speaking, i wished that the APC Government of the day led by PMB, will bring our Economy back to the level of the common man on the street as it used to be in the last few years, That is N100/$ or at worst N150/$. APC campaign train gave us such hope,but what we have been given so far is no where close to their campaign promises to Nigerians, which shows that our beloved Giant Economy has long past the level of these APC guys we voted for, since they where unable to start making our lives better from where they met us. they have rather plunged us into poverty of variant degrees. Nigerians are not supposed to be given the cock and bulls stories of who and who had caused all of these issues in the past, and blames on who have caused poverty and sever hunger in our land today. We have voted the best into power and we don’t deserve stories. This is not a better Government than the past, judging from the present uncertainties plaguing our people now. inefficiency and incompetency seeks excuses and blames. The Government should rise to the challenges and return Nigeria if possible , back to where he met her, who knows, God may have mercy on us and redeem our Economy back to a level where a family head whose salary income is N50,000 /month can manage to pull along with his family. As it is today we have more than 70million Nigerian family Heads in that category. This is no life, lets call a spade a spade. Nigeria is the only country we have . Those who has nothing to offer the people should steer away from wrangling control of our God given natural minerals/ crude oil resources which is what they seem to really be interested in. Being interested in becoming President or getting into any other mouth watering juicy position is very very different from performances involved in such positions. If the President love us as he claims, and Love Nigeria also, Let him come up with an all embracing National character, void of these regional selectivity style of Leadership, whether voted for or not, the whole Nigeria is His constituency as the C IN C . Let him start to put the right materials into the jobs and forget about tribalism now. Employment based on tribalism and pronounced party favor certainly will be creating divisive tendencies more into the minds of the people, since we are no more under military regime, the dividends of democracy will still be far from the people if President fails to put Nigeria first before personal agenda.

  5. hear, the architect of consolidation is talking about unemployment and small businesses despite constitutionality of TSA .Democracy is good


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