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Tim Gunn Slams Kanye West, The Kardashians

KanNow, I don’t know about you, but when I think of high
fashion, I am thinking more along the lines of Project
Runway and designers of that nature, not Keeping
Up With The Kardashians or Kanye West. I mean, I
am sure somewhere out there, there is someone
who agrees with West that sweatshirts are the best
thing ever, but considering the fact that West
proclaims those who don’t like his shoes are racist, is
just plain ridiculous. News flash Kanye – not
everyone likes your shoes (you couldn’t pay me to
buy them).
Luckily, if you’re like me, we are not alone. Fashion
guru and Project Runway star, Tim Gunn feels the
same way and doesn’t even understand why the
Kardashians or Kanye West bother to dabble in the
fashion world. In fact, in a new interview, Gunn
blasted West and the Kardashians, and guess what?
He really doesn’t give a rats behind what they think
about it, ha! Get all of the details after the jump.
Tim Gunn is no fan of the Kardashians or Kanye
West, but what annoys him even more is the fact that
these clowns are attempting to take over the fashion
world. And in a recent interview with The Huffington
Post, Gunn had no problem slamming the famous
reality family and the rapper. “I think they’re a bunch
of dumb clothes. Just basic pieces,” Gunn says of
West’s fashion line.
But then he took it even further, calling the
Kardashians “distasteful,” and adding, “I think it’s
vulgar and I just think given the amount of public
exposure that the Kardashians have, to potentially be
sending a message to people that ‘you too can dress
like this’ — no.”
As for Kendall Jenner, who has taken the modeling
world by storm, Gunn was a little easier on her,
claiming that he can’t say she doesn’t have the “it”
factor in modeling, because he really doesn’t know her. “She may be a perfectly lovely young woman, I just feel that she’s tainted by the Kardashian aura of ‘yuck.’” Yeah, we definitely agree with Tim, there.
So, what exactly is Tim Gunn’s best fashion advice?
“When it comes to fashion I say to people all the
time, if you want guidance for your fashion just consider this, if a Kardashian is wearing it — don’t.” Ha, now that’s the best fashion advice I’ve heard in a long time. Oh, and don’t worry about his remarks, Gunn claims the entire Kardashian clan already hates him, so he doesn’t really care about offending them.

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