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Shocking! Governor Fayose Wears Shorts To 2016 Budget Signing Event

Ekiti-State-Governor-Ayodele-Fayose-wore-shorts-to-2016-budget-signing-2The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, will never cease to amaze the public and Ekiti people as he wore shorts yesterday to the signing event of the state’s 2016 budget.

Ekiti-State-Governor-Ayodele-Fayose-wore-shorts-to-2016-budget-signing-3The governor had attracted criticisms last week when he appeared before the State House of Assembly to defend the proposed N67bn Ekiti State 2016 Budget, as he brought out a gavel and symbolically “passed” the budget into law after presenting the proposal to lawmakers.

Fayose was also criticized for his choice of dressing. He wore T-shirt and jeans, which critics say diminishes the office he occupies. However, he was unfazed and apparently wanted to give his critics more things to talk about. He decided to wear shorts.

They said I was not properly dressed last week,I wearing short knickers to sign d budget.They should keep talking. pic.twitter.com/mZgj6caHNa

— Peter Ayodele Fayose (@GovAyoFayose) December 15, 2015




  1. Pls get the point right! politics or no politics, if you are going to office it is incumbent on you to dress officially, the dress is not appropriate for official duty period and simple. It will shock you to know that his dressing is politics in itself and may not be as cheap as some of us may think but that’s none of my business. But I employ everyone to think right Always. I am a Nigerian from Ekiti State I stand by nobody but by what is right

  2. I commend Ekiti State assembly for disregarding their governor”s outfit to present his 2016 budget. I wish it is Ekiti State Assembly to screen CG customs. There should have been no controversies. However,how would you judge Fayose if he is to pay a courtesy visit to Oni of Ife or Emir of Kano Lamido Sunusi? Or to attend 36 governor”s meeting in Abuja? Or even to be among Presidential entourage to overseas trip such as UN ,AU, or even ECOWAS meetings? God bless Ekiti State assembly for been tolerant to Fayose”s conduct

  3. What will Gov Fayose not do that pple will not talk? Be kareful not to abuse dignitaries.
    Democracy is not abt what u wear but the dividend delivered to the pple. This austerity does not permit Gov Ayo to wear Agbada to work bcos any tyme he will put his hand to the plough. Go On My amiable Gobinor

  4. I wish every1 would appreciate Gov.Fayose’s simplicity, i love him for his ideology the more. Mr. Governor, Carryon!


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