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Justin Beiber Attacked By Reef Sharks

justine bieberJustin Beiber and friend, Joe Termini were attacked by reef sharks while on a getaway in Bora Bora on July 6 but unfortunately, the singer’s friend got bitten!

After finishing up his week-long Hillsong Church retreat and leaving Australia, Justin and his pals decided to head for a swim in the warm Bora Bora waters for a little getaway but it all ended so badly for Termini.

Bieber posted a picture of his friend who suffered the shark bites on his Instagram and captioned: “Exactly why i hate sharks they told us reef sharks don’t bite @joetermini.”

Looks like Bieber and his crew will have to think twice before believing every thing they see on National Geography. That photo is enough to make people think twice about setting foot into the ocean!

Bieber is no stranger to showing off his bulged biceps at every given opprotunity and we are grateful the sharks didn’t get to bite off one of his nipples while taking a deep dive.


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