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“Justin Bieber Is My Lucky Charm” – Mayweather

Mayweather-Berto-Pre-fight-Showtime-600x400Maywweather had declared singer Justin Bieber his ‘lucky charm’ before his big match agaisnt rival Manny Pacquiao on May 2.

The ‘Baby’ singer showed up at the boxing champ’s news conference on March 11 to lend his support to his sport icon as he prepares for his most anticipated game.

Mayweather and the Biebs have been good friends over the years. Justin has also walked floyd to the boxing ring in several fights in the past.

Justin didn’t sit on the stage during the speeches – but as soon as Floyd and Manny posed with the honchos, JB was glued to his hip … reppin’ for #TheMoneyTeam, reports TMZ.

Meanwhile no pop stars showed up to stand by Manny who is also known to do his own signing.


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