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My Relationship With 9ice Is Just There – Ruggedman

Ruggedman-598x450Veteran Nigerian rapper Ruggedman, 39, in a new interview has spoken about his relationship with singer 9ice.

Ruggedman who recently forgave 9ice for not speaking up six years ago when people accused him of sleeping with Toni Payne said his relationship with the singer “is just there.”

“My relationship with 9ice is just there, it’s just like arms-leg relationship. What he did now was what we asked him to do six years ago. It takes a lot build something, but it takes a short time to break it” said Ruggedman on TV Continental.

Despite what has transpired between 9ice and Ruggedman over the years, the rapper said there is a possibility of them doing music together.

“Everything is possible as far it is life. Eedris Abdukareem still did collaborations with many of those he had issues with, so everything is possible” said the rapper.

In an open letter to 9ice on February 4 Ruggedman said the singer left his apology too late.

The letter was also addressed to bloggers and journalists concerning the 6-year-old rumour that he slept with Toni Payne (9ice’s wife in 2010).


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