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Is Tyga Pretending To Be Happy For Blac Chyna?

tyga cant pay rent 2Following Tyga’s revelation that he is indeed happy over Blac Chyna’s engagement to Rob Kardashian, news reports have revealed that the model believes that the rapper is pretending.

TMZ reports that the model has accused her baby daddy of pretending to be happy about her engagement, and that he has been calling her names, making her life a living hell.

The medium reports that a source close to Blac has revealed that Tyga has gone to great lengths to destroy the relationship between their 2-yr-old son, King Cairo and the former stripper.

The reports also reveal that Tyga has now filed legal documents aimed at getting Cairo away from Blac and will not be backing down anytime soon.

Sources also reveal that Tyga does not speak to Chyna, with their communication restricted to emails alone, as he has refused to give her his number.

King Cairo’s nanny has reportedly been forced to play the role of a middle man between the pair as major parenting decisions are made with her.

Although Tyga claimed to be happy for Chyna in a post he shared yesterday, he also made it clear that his major concern was for his son to be happy at all times.


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