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Blac Chyna Trademark Her Name

blac chynaExcept your name is Blac Chyna, Don’t u dare answer Blac Chyna!

Latest reports claim, the 27-year-old model has filed to trademark her name in hopes that other women, including other strippers can’t use it!

According to TMZ, Chyna (real name Angela White) filed the documents just two weeks before her engagement to Rob Kardashian… in order to protect her name and her likeness.

Apparently, she wants to ensure that she is the only one with rights to make appearances and promote products using her name, especially with rumors flying around she could be landing a TV gig with E!

According to Chyna’s attorney Walter Mosley, the filing was prompted by her getting multiple film, TV and endorsement offers. After all, “it’s my job to make sure her money and name are safe!”

Looks like Chyna is setting a great example for young entrepreneurs.

Chyna isn’t the first celeb to take interest in trademarking. Tim Tebow successfully trademarked “tebowing” to describe his football prayer stance and Beyoncé and Jay Z filed to trademark Blue Ivy after their daughter’s birth in 2012.


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