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Can Seyi Shay Bounce Back From Her Blunders?

SeyiShay-XLTMedia-9In 2016 alone, which has not even reached mid-year yet, the beautiful Nigerian pop singer Seyi Shay, 30, has made a hat trick of blunders.

At the start of the year Seyi Shay trended on Instagram and Twitter (no mean feat) for not knowing how to pronounce the word ‘two’. In April Seyi Shay got the Internet reeling with laughter when she said the meaning of ‘E.P’ was ‘Electric Package’.

Within the same month the singer went for gold when during an interview with DZPRTV she said that the slang ‘phone’ (pronounced fo-neh) was derived from the word phony, when it is actually from the word phonetics.

Sigh, I don’t fancy being Seyi Shay’s manager now. Her string of gaffes have made her look not too smart. That has got to be a PR challenge for her. I know this is Nigeria and we don’t really care about these things but imagine this article is written in an ideal environment. With such scenario Seyi Shay would need to do some correction and change the narrative about her that she isn’t all that smart.

Even if this is Nigeria, the consensus out on the street is that Seyi Shay is going to make a gaffe when she opens her mouth in public. I don’t think she would want to have this kind of public image.

First of all to revert Seyi Shay back to an image that projects talent and sex appeal she should stop granting interviews for now. It shouldn’t be a long term thing but short term. The purpose of doing this is to allow other trends and viral clips bury Seyi Shay’s media gaffes. Almost every week there is a new viral clip of someone’s gaffe on Instagram and Twitter. If Seyi Shay waits for a while several viral videos will push back her gaffes back till they become history.

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After staying off interviews for a couple of months Seyi Shay can come out publicly again. A new music video, new photos, would do but the killer move would be for her to show how really smart she is. Seyi Shay participating in a game show like ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ would be a smart move if she is sure she has what it takes upstairs.


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