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APC Deceived Nigerians With Promise Of Change – APGA

APCThe All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has criticized the All Progressives Congress (APC) for deceiving Nigerians with a promise to bring change to the country.

APGA also dismissed the APC’s threat to take control of Anambra State in 2017, Daily Post reports.

“We want to draw the attention of the Federal Government in whose name, the APC Anambra State is threatening to cause a revolution in Anambra, boasting that when the time comes we shall all leave Anambra. This is treasonable felony,” APGA Anambra Secretary, Sir Tony Ifeanya said.

“The APC scribe has told everybody ahead of time that they intend to cause havoc in the state in 2017 gubernatorial election and should be held responsible by law enforcement agencies when such happens.

“The APC and its scribe instead of hiding their face in shame for deceiving Nigerians of a purported change agenda that never was, and for bringing untold hardship to Nigerians because of their lack of vision and mission, are dreaming of taking over Anambra in 2017.

“When for over a year now, they have not been able to give Nigerians a clear road map of where we are going, do they think that Anambrarians could be fooled as they fooled Nigerians. Anambra people are wise and cannot fall to their empty boasts.

“We do not want any negative change in Anambra State. Obiano is a man with clear vision of what he came to do in Anambra State and is doing it not like APC who has no agenda for Nigeria,” he added.

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“Change” was the APC’s campaign mantra during the 2015 elections.


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