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I Once Hawked In Enugu With My Mom – Frank Edward

FRANK-EDWARDGospel singer Frank Edwards of ‘Mma Mma’ fame in a new tell it all video talks about the secret behind his success.

The crooner opens up on his first house, first contract, challenges, meeting Don Moen and others.

According to him, “Me and my mum we’ve hawked together in Enugu. I will hawk this direction, she will hawk that direction.”

Watch Frank Edwards inspiring story from grass to grace in the video above.

On December 24, 2015, Frank Edwards released a new classical piece aptly titled ‘If God be for me’.

A truly epic song which bellies a reassuring message of hope: No matter the life, business, career or marital situation we find ourselves in, If God be for me… then no one and nothing can go against us; a perfect message/companion for his inspiring video.


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