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Negative Comments Do Not Move Me – Halimah Abubakar

halima-199x300Nollywood actress, Halimah Abubakar, has told her critics that she is not concerned about their negative comments.

Abubakar was reacting to recent criticism she got after posting on her Instagram that she is a virgin looking forward to having children.

In an interview with Punch News on Saturday, July 20, 2016, the “Men In Love” actress disclosed that she just doesn’t care about what critics say.

“People always comment on most of my posts. You know Nigerians like to criticise whether they understand the language or not.”

“I just want to believe that they just want to talk. I don’t want to talk about my post where I said that I was a virgin and couldn’t wait to have children. I posted what I wanted and that was it.”

“I have been getting negative comments from people for over 13 years; I think my body is used to it by now.”

“Negative comments do not move me at all and I do not even have emotional feelings towards such.”

The actress maintained that she will rather keep her cards close to her chest when it concerns her love life.

According to her, the media might twist her words to imply what she did not intend to say.

She disclosed that she will reveal such matters at the appropriate time.

“I do not like talking about my love life because of the way the media twists words. When the time comes, people would know about my love life.”

“However, no matter how tight my schedule is, I always make sure I enter the kitchen daily because I love fresh food. I find time to cook”, she said.


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