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Data Loss In Windows 10 And Free Recovery Software


EaseUS-Data-Recovery-Wizard-FreeTechnology can be a blessing and a problem at the same time. We are well aware that while using the technology based devices we have to face some major problems that leave us restless and frustrated, so does with Windows 10 system.

Following are problems windows 10 might lead you to:

Less free storage:

While using windows 10 you will notice that the old version of the operating system is also consuming your storages with the name of the folder windows.old.


While using the windows 10 you cannot be sure about your privacy as the there are some defaults in the data sharing. This might cause the exposure of some of your confidential data.

No downgrades:

Once you have upgraded the windows 10 there is no way of going back to the previous system.

Data loss:

It is one of the major problems we are dealing with nowadays. When you upgrade your windows 10 it will lead you to lose your data like files, photos, music, and videos. Especially the data stored on C drive is lost.

No system restore:

In the windows 10, a system restore has not been enabled yet.

No DVD’s:

In windows 10 you will not find any application to play the DVD and it is quite disturbing for the people that love to watch movies.


Many of the hardware and software are either not compatible with the windows 10 or they do not work with it.

Get the solution to data loss with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

With the advancement in technology, we are able to get the recovery data with the free recovery software. So we can say that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a blessing for the people who often have to deal with data loss issues.

Now there is no need to worry because with the recovery data software they can recover any type of lost data.

How to recover data in windows 10 with free recovery software

Recovering the data lost on windows 10 is only a three step process with this recovery data software.

1.      Launch:

First, launch the software in your windows 10 device. Then select the data you want to recover and the location of that required data.

2.      Scan:

A deep scan of the device will take place to find all the files that you require the recovery of. This scan will always take place before importing and exporting the files. After the scan, it will provide you with a preview of all the files that you want to be recovered.

3.      Recover:

Now after the selection of the data, it will be recovered on your windows 10 in a matter of seconds.

So now, upgrade your desktops and laptops with the latest windows 10 without the stress of losing data as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is here to solve this issue. So this free data recovery software can be regarded as a blessing of technology.


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