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PowerBTC Planning to Install 55 Bitcoin ATMs Across the Globe

PowerBTC Planning to Install 55 Bitcoin ATMs Across the Globe

New York, September 13, 2016 -PR.com: PowerBTC, a reputed online bitcoin selling platform, will soon launch 55 bitcoin ATMs that will make it easier for their customers to exchange bitcoins for US dollars. The company offers its services in 8 major countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.

PowerBTC has divided their ATMs into unequal numbers for each country based on the demand and trend of using bitcoin. The distribution is as follows:

• USA: 20 ATMs
• Canada: 5 ATMs
• Denmark: 7 ATMs
• Germany: 10 ATMs
• Australia: 4 ATMs
• New Zealand: 2 ATMs
• Austria: 2 ATMs
• UK: 5 ATMs

The company spokesperson, Tom Clark, commented on why some countries will have more of their bitcoin ATMs than others, saying, “Since we know which country has more bitcoin traders and miners, we have distributed the 55 ATMs based on the popularity of bitcoin trading. For example, most of our bitcoin customers are from the US, so we have decided to install 20 bitcoin ATMs there, while Austria has the least number of bitcoin users, so we will install only 2 bitcoin ATMs.”

PowerBTC has planned to strategically distribute these ATMs across each country, keeping in mind the convenience and ease of accessibility for the customers. The company will install their ATMs in locations like restaurants, pubs, offices, supermarkets, and other similar places.

When asked about why the company has selected public places, Tom Clark said, “The reason behind installing our bitcoin ATMs in such locations is that these are the places where people need urgent cash for buying products and services the most. Let’s say you are at a restaurant for dinner or at a supermarket for grocery shopping, and you run out of cash or reach your credit card limit. In any case, you can easily go to our bitcoin ATM and convert your bitcoins for instant cash.”

There are several advantages of using ATMs for converting bitcoins into cash. The foremost benefit is real-time settlement that eliminates the risk of loss incurred due to the bitcoin value declining over time. It usually takes a bitcoin exchange about 2 to 6 days before the converted amount is deposited to buyer’s account. But with bitcoin ATMs, the transaction takes only a few minutes. Moreover, a bitcoin ATM also enables users to purchase a portion of a bitcoin, as opposed to an entire bitcoin.

The best thing about using PowerBTC ATMs is that the miners and traders will be able to benefit from the same offer they provide on their website. Any person using a PowerBTC ATM will get 10 percent more US dollars in exchange for bitcoins than the market value, followed with a small fee. Moreover, the ATM users will not be required to present governmental IDs to process a transaction.

About the Company

PowerBTC (www.PowerBTC.com) is an online bitcoin trading site with clients from different parts of the world such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and several others. The company provides sellers with a trading platform and caters to both companies and individuals. Their service involves exchanging bitcoins to currency, and they have bitcoin ATMs spread across the globe.


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