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Stephanie Linus, Seun Akindele Attend “Silvertown” Premiere

Stephanie-Linus-4-600x594Chinedu Omorie’s new movie, “Silvertown” recently premiered in Lagos, at the Silverbird Galleria.

The premiere had in attendance celebrities Stephanie Linus and her husband Linus Idahosa, Seun Akindele, Anthony Monjaro, Tamara Eteimo, Kiki Omeili, Mr Patrick (comedian of the federal Republic ), Princess Chineke, Francis Onwuche and more.

Written by Richard Odilu and produced by Vanessa Ogedy Mails, “Silvertown” is a UK-Nollywood movie which revolves around Peju, who is faced with deportation after being denied asylum by British authorities. She goes into hiding by disguising as a nanny in the house of Emeka, a persuasive womanizer. Yinka, a dare devil imposter in the underworld of London gives her the methods she must follow in order to remain hidden but she decides to break out from Yinka’s methods and everything spirals out of control.

A story of betrayal and survival, the movie is now showing in Silverbird, Viva and Ozone Cinemas across Nigeria.


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