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Five Reasons To Rent Desktop Computers For Businesses


ComputerRepairLarge and small businesses alike have to routinely update their computer equipment, and they might wonder whether renting or buying new computers is a smarter choice. There are several reasons why choosing to rent desktop computers for businesses is a good option, which is why companies like rentacomputer.com offer desktop computers, laptops and other office technology rentals.

Tax benefits

One very good reason that businesses choose renting over purchasing is that the cost of renting or leasing equipment is often completely deductible as an operational expense under the Internal Revenue Code section 179. Savvy business owners recognize the value of being able to fully deduct the cost of leasing office equipment as saving on the annual tax bill for the company is often a budget priority. Saving on taxes can free up money that the business could put to other business purposes, including marketing and expansion of the business and its customer base.

Greater flexibility and the opportunity to test

Companies also choose to rent desktop computer equipment for their office needs because of the greater flexibility doing so might afford. Businesses are not as limited in the specifications of the equipment that they can choose. They are also able to test out equipment to make certain that it meets the needs of their businesses before making later purchasing decisions.

Fewer maintenance headaches

Most business owners understand the headaches computer equipment breakdowns can mean. When they have purchased the computer equipment, failures mean that they will then have to pay for maintenance and repairs. these unexpected costs may wreak havoc on a company’s bottom line. When a company rents the computer equipment, the business from which the company has rented the desktops will maintain and service the equipment, reducing downtime, losses and hassle.

The ability to keep up with technological advances

Computer technology advances very quickly. As operating systems, storage capabilities and other specifications constantly change and improve, keeping up with the advances may seem difficult. Choosing a computer rental plan can help companies keep pace with the advances in technology, helping to keep them ahead of the curve. This may help businesses to take advantage of new programs that older machines cannot handle, potentially improving the business’s ability to operate with more efficiency and increasing its resulting profits.

Regular payments

Business owners plan for the budget for the fiscal year in advance. When the business has chosen to rent its desktop computer equipment, it can easily plan for the cost since the monthly payment is predictable and trackable. This predictability can help to make the business’s budget projections easier and more reliable so that the business owner can understand exactly how much money the business will pay out for its bills each month. The costs can then be included in the business’s annual plan, helping the business to stay on top of its expenses.

Fulfilling short-term needs

Some businesses only need desktop computers for a short period of time such as for events, conferences or other occasions. Renting the equipment can help them fulfill their short-term project needs without having equipment later on that is no longer useful to the business. Other temporary needs may include times of the year during which a business needs additional workers to meet their customers’ needs. For example, accountants may need to hire additional staff to help with tax preparation services leading up to the annual filing deadline. When they rent computers for the temporary staff to use, they can return the extra equipment when it is no longer needed if doing so is specified in their rental agreements.

Computer equipment loses value

Some business owners may think that purchasing desktop computer equipment is smarter because they can then sell the machines when they no longer need them. Because technology quickly becomes outdated, most business owners find that the equity that they have in the equipment ends up not being worthwhile. The ability to deduct the costs of leasing the equipment fully on the business’s tax return more than offsets any expectation of future sales to regain equity.

Renting computers versus buying them may make sense for some businesses. The flexibility that is afforded by renting may outweigh some of the concerns that business owners might have about leasing needed office equipment.


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