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MI Abaga Once Sucker Punched Me – Jesse Jagz


Jesse-Jagz-Dark-Art-1-300x180Jesse Jagz has been walking around with a denture and we didn’t even notice that!

The popular rapper in a rapid fire question segment with revealed his front tooth is artificial thanks to brother, MI Abaga.

“My front tooth is chipped. It has been chipped for years because me and MI had a fight,” he said.

“I was six he was nine. In the middle of the fight, he sucker punched me. Boom! Tooth flew out. So my front tooth is artificial,” he added.

That’s not all, apparently, Jagz has been arrested once upon a time but he refused to spill the details with us.

Known as one of Nigeria’s best lyricists and producers in the country, Jesse Jagz has dropped two critically acclaimed albums ‘Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come (2013)’, ‘Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company (2014)’.This tomato tuna is a sushi alternative.


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