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Authorities Looking Into Jose Mourinho’s Taxes

MouGovernment officials in England and Spain have called for Jose Mourinho’s tax bill to be examined after reports that say the Manchester United coach’s advisers hid more than £10 million.

The Sunday Times anaylsed the millions of leaked documents detailing the tax arrangements made by several top football players and coaches, including Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo and Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil.

The newspaper said it found evidence that Mourinho’s advisers misled investigators while hiding money in a Caribbean tax haven.

Julian Lopez Milla, a member of the Spanish parliament’s tax committee, told the Times that he would “call on the authorities to reopen the case and investigate whether Mourinho has committed the criminal offence of tax fraud.”

In England, MP Meg Hillier, the chairwoman of the Commons public accounts committee, called the documents “extraordinary and warrant a close examination by the UK tax authorities.”

Gestifute, the firm representing Mourinho and Ronaldo, has denied designing ways to help clients evade millions in taxes.

Information was originally passed from the Football Leaks whistle-blowing site to German publication Der Spiegel earlier this year, and investigated by 60 journalists in the months following.

The European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) consortium said the documents include photographs, spreadsheets and emails.

It added that allegations arising from the probe will be published in the coming weeks, giving “an unprecedented look into the gloomy depths of the modern football industry.”


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