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Can Nigeria Host Big Brother Again?

So, our ogas at the top in Nigeria are vexing because Multichoice decided to take the shoot of Big Brother Naija to South Africa while millions of Nigerians have been complaining on social media.

Uncle Lai Mohammed has said that an investigation would commence into the whys and hows of that decision. Issokay. Issorait.

There have also been several articles and opinion pieces by people who think it is ridiculous that a show meant for Nigerians and featuring Nigerians is being produced in SA. That too, issorait.

But if the dream of oga Lai and his miffed friends come true, here are the things we are certain will happen if the show is brought back to Naija.

1. PHCN will be PHCN

2. Accents will still fly up and down like Jet Lee’s kicks

3. There will still be plenty six packs on display

4. The Twitter and Facebook armchair critics will still find something to talk about

5. NBC will still keep watch to make sure there are no explicit shower scenes


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