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I’m Not Ready For Marriage – Femi Jacobs

Femi Jacobs might be the darling of several women, but he definitely is not ready to quit bachelorhood any time soon.

In an interview he granted to Punch, the movie star revealed that marriage was not on the cards for him as he doesn’t think much of romance.

‘I love the concept of love even though I am not a champion for it; I am not a champion for romance. If I was one, I would have been married at the age of 25. But I believe it is part of life and culture to an extent,’ he said.

That will surely not go down well with his teeming female fans who have always been curious about his love life.

He goes on to explain his stance: ‘I think marriage should be a practical issue instead. It should be personal to everyone. I have been lucky; I have about six siblings who are all married. I have four elder siblings and two younger ones and they are all married. The pressure is a bit low because my father is no more alive and my mother has a lot of grandchildren to keep her busy. She still remembers me once in a while but I know how I evade the questions whenever she raises them up.’

Guess it’s safe to say he plans to enjoy his singleness to the fullest. Perhaps when he’s in his fifties like Hollywood star George Clooney, he’ll finally settle down.

Sorry ladies.


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