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PMB Should Stop Abandoning GEJ’s Projects – Senate

The Nigerian Senate has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to stop abandoning projects launched by his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan.

The Senate added that the continuous trend was costing the country much needed funds.

“As soon as these programmes and projects are abandoned, new ones are initiated only to be abandoned again by yet another successive government. The process continues while the nation’s resources continue to be wasted,” Senator Dino Melaye said on Monday, January 16, during a hearing on the abandonment of the N8 billion Code of Conduct Bureau Office headquarters in Abuja.

“It is instructive to state that this is not so with the developed countries. Projects and programmes, as well as policies are sustained. They place nation’s interest above other considerations. This sustainable policy has yielded positive results as these countries have moved from developing to developed world.

“The Senate was utterly dismayed when it received a motion in respect of the abandonment of N8 billion Code of Conduct Bureau office headquarters projects,” he added.

Melaye also urged Buhari’s government to correct all administrative wrongs done by past governments.


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