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Bisola And TBoss Clash In The Big Brother Naija House

There was a fight between Bisola and Tboss over breakfast this morning.

While Bisola said she hates being micromanaged in the kitchen, TBoss said she was simply asking questions about ingredients she found weird.

However, what started as a conversation took a wrong turn as the both parties involved lost their cool.

During the heated argument, TBoss mentioned that she wasn’t in the house for the money, how she could spend 25 million in a week and how she has wealthy men with private jets hitting on her.

The other housemates intervened and tried to calm the two housemates down.

After the fight, Bisola apologized to TBoss for losing her cool. The apology however wasn’t accepted by TBoss who described it as ‘bullshit,’ and told Debbie-Rise that her days of preparing breakfast are over.

She also told Bally that she doesn’t want to apologize because it wouldn’t be a sincere one.

Later on, Bisola and TBoss sat to discuss the event as they tried to understand where each of them was coming from.

TBoss is up for possible eviction this week alongside TTT, Debbie-Rise and Efe.


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