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Is “Araromire-The Figurine” The Best Nollywood Movie Yet?


It is true that the romance of creativity and artistry will pave the way for beauty to flourish. That truthfulness is made bare in the movie- the figurine.

The figurine was scripted by Kemi Adesoye; produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan.

Casts of The Figurine includes:
Ramsey Noah
Omoni Oboli
Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi
Jide Kosoko
Wale Adebayo

The figurine started with a myth about a goddess- Araromire and a village named after her. Araromire the goddess, in the figurine, blesses her devotees with prosperity and good health for seven years and then after, she takes back her blessings and leave open the void which her withdrawn blessings have created for misery to occupy.

According to the myth, a revolt which led to the burning of Araromire’s shrine was carried out by the villagers after she struck dead her own claviger- the chief priest.

Sola, Femi and Mona, were done with their first degree. And for the purpose of serving their country, through NYSC, they were posted to Araromire.

It would then happen in the movie that after one of their tedious exercises, Sola and Femi were walking back to where they camped when suddenly, it started raining. Sola and Femi rushed to shelter themselves inside an old hut, and there, the figurine- Araromire was bared. Sola, unable to resist her charm, thought it fit to possess her. And right there, that thought was made deed by him stealing the figurine.

Towards the end of their NYSC programme, Mona met Femi, her first love and breaks to him the news of her marriage to Sola. More broken was Femi when Mona revealed to him that she was pregnant. But he controlled his emotion by holding his peace.

It’s been seven years, and everything was working wonderfully well for the couple. Sola is rich and Mona was expecting her second child for him.

Femi is not just only working now, he’s no longer asthmatic and his sick father is now well. It’s been seven years right?

And now it became obvious that legends are to be believed sometimes; for things turned out worse for Sola. Sola delved into inquiry as to what could have been the cause of this sudden change in tide.

Inquest, at last, led his trace to the figurine.


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