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Angelina Jolie’s Lookalike Mistaken For Her

An ‘ordinary’ mother-of-two claims she looks so much like Angelina Jolie that she is ‘overwhelmed’ with attention from strangers – but admits her partner gets jealous.

Melissa Baizen, 34, from Hales Corners, Wisconsin, lives a regular life with her partner and two children but says her uncanny resemblance to the A-lister has been given a taste of the actress’ glamorous life.

Melissa admits that she is often critical of her own appearance but claims the comparison has boosted her self-esteem.

The optical manager, whose look is constantly turning heads, describes herself as a normal girl and claims that the attention can be ‘overwhelming’ and ’embarrassing’.

Melissa has always looked up to the film star and even dressed up as her character Maleficent for the Medieval-themed Bristol Renaissance Faire last year.

Melissa said: ‘I do get recognised. I get stared at quite a lot. I find it funny. It’s quite surreal. She has always been an idol of mine. It’s crazy to be compared to her.

‘I’ve always been hard on myself. Some days I see it but others I don’t think I look like her. I wish I had her smile, I hate my teeth.

‘I have looked up to her quite a lot. I like her movies but I admire her the most for her humanitarian work.

‘My personality is completely different but a lot of people say I really look like her. I think I’m probably a bit more animated than her and not so serious.’

Melissa is a fan of Jolie’s films and her favourites are The Changeling and Beyond Borders as she admires the strong female lead character she plays.

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Melissa said: ‘I have dressed up as Maleficent before for the Bristol Renaissance Faire and a lot of people were coming up to me.

‘It’s quite overwhelming. I get a taste of what it’s like to be her. It’s nice and I’m sure you would get used to it but I don’t think it’s on the cards for me. I’m just a normal girl.

‘It’s helped my confidence a lot. I started being compared to her in my late teens but more recently I have been compared to her more – I’m not sure why.


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