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Mimi Orjiekwe Welcomes Baby Girl

Nollywood actress and her husband, Charles Billion, have welcomed a baby girl.

The star revealed their child was born on April 3, 2017, without the aid of anesthetic and epidurals.

She shared details from her natural childbirth on Instagram today, April 4, 2017.
She wrote,

“So last Sunday I didn’t get those Mother’s Day wishes gracefully. It was still mum to be wishes.
Today is diff. Last night I became a mum 3/4/2017 .. And that was how I agreed to ve a supernatural childbirth. No anaesthetic no epidurals…

Mums u guys didn’t tell me the real gist…. Well bodies differ right .. We completed 40 weeks and 6 days .. I wanted freedom jezz. So I and jasmine started Trying home induction and it worked ..

If u hear labour .. Hmm not all these labourers carrying cement oh..

My sister labour started and escalated .. I thought someone was uprooting my soul with dagger .. Jasmine kept fighting . Thanks to my supermom and my LOVELY converted sister R.. They held me .. Ok I gave up..I wanted a pain relieve yeah I was seeing my shadow leaving .. Wel same time they checked my longtime only 2cm dilated cervix.

That shit broke and it was already 9cm.. Yeah was like miracle .. Didn’t finish there. The birthing !the push !the fight !!the struggle !!!the delivery !! oh Lord I will buy keys for all my pants .

Jasmine says hi .. Meanwhile she’s been staring at me like mum I ve fair hands white legs fair nose, dark forehead etc .. What am I??? Oyibo or Naija,Abi na Iraq !! Lol.. Me: Babe Your jus the princess of MY HEART!! We added a daughter, niece , sister granddaughter to a family of 4 boys ..my brothers re soo excited jaz!! WE LOVE U VERY MUCH .. Jaz :Don’t worry famz they will unveil me in few days.. Prayers on me now.”


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