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“Game of Thrones” Set For Highly Anticipated Return

July honestly just can’t come soon enough. Good thing about this wait is that HBO finally decided to bless “Game of Thrones” fans with a proper trailer.

After months of teasers, a trailer was released on May 24, 2017, offering lots of hints and satisfying our hunger, at least, to an extent.

We have put together 10 things we learned from this trailer;

1. Cersei vows to defeat her numerous enemies from the East, West, South and North.
Her enemy from the East is headed by the leader of Daenery’s army of Unsullied, Grey Worm.
Her enemy from the South is seen sharpening a sword – Dorne maybe?
From the West, we have got the Iron Island, headed by Euron Greyjoy.
Arya, who is seen all alone wandering through the forest on a horse, is the enemy from the North.

2. The penultimate season of “Game of Thrones” is headed into the great battle for the Iron Throne.
The battle for the Iron Throne is getting heated, as the trailer offers a look at the battle between Daenerys’ Dothraki and Unsullied army against Cersei’s Lannister army.

3. Daenerys is back to Westeros
Mother of Dragons and her army were making their way across the Narrow Sea to Westeros.
In the new “GOT” trailer, she is seen sitting on a throne at Dragonstone, which happens to be where Danaerys was born.

4. Melisandre is still around and might be meeting the Mother of Dragons soon
The Red Priestess, who was sent away from the North by Jon Snow at the end of last season, is seen looking Dragonstone in this trailer.

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5. Yara Grejoy and Ellaria Sand
Yara Grejoy and Ellaria Sand share an intimate moment, more like a kiss, in the trailer.
This sort of confirms that Yara will be working closely with Daenerys in the new season of “Game of Thrones.”

6. Littlefinger is still the king of manipulation
Littlefinger is seen trying to convince Sansa that she should be the Queen of the North and not her brother, Jon Snow.
“Your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand,” he says to Sansa Stark in the trailer.

7. A fight between Littlefinger and Jon
Maybe Snow found out that Littlefinger has been trying to manipulate Sansa, or maybe not. But, the two characters share a heated moment in the trailer, with Snow shoving the later against the wall.

8. Greyworm and Missandei
These two have always had the connection, but the new trailer sees them getting quite intimate. Oh, we all saw a shirtless Greyworm.

9. Jorah’s inflicted hand
Good thing is Jorah appears in the next season of “GOT,” even if we don’t know for how long.
What appears to be his ugly hand inflicted with Greyscale is seen in the trailer.

10. The White Walkers are closer than we thought
When the supposed plot of “GOT” leaked in 2016, we were told that Jon Snow will accept to give up his seat as King In The North if Daenerys agrees to fight with him against the White Walkers.
Well the White Walkers are very much active in the new trailer, as Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane are seen running away from them.


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