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I’ll Snatch Powers From Buhari – Fayose

Governor Ayo Fayose says he would ‘take the powers in Buhari’s hands’ become the next President of Nigeria.

Speaking at a meeting with political office holders in Ekiti state, Fayose said he has the ‘penchant for taking powers’.

Fayose described himself as the ‘man of the people’.

“I have penchant for taking powers; that one in Buhari’s hand, I will take it. I’m going straight to that villa. I’m the next president,” Fayose said.

“I want to be the next president of Nigeria. My own won’t be this change that has brought nothing, we are going to represent the people well and tell them the truth.

“Just because Ayo Fayose has won a second term to become governor of Ekiti, some people also think they can come back now, but I want to tell them that it is not possible,” he said.

“I am the man wholeheartedly loved by Ekiti people because of the many developmental projects that have brought great infrastructural and developmental advancement to Ekiti.

“If you go around Ekiti, you will see my handiwork dotting every nook and cranny of the state. This is why I am the man who every Ekiti people will follow in 2018,” he added.

Fayose recently advised President Buhari to resign for health reasons.


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