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Muhammadu Buhari Has Disappointed Us – Abuja Indigens

The natives of Abuja have expressed their disappointment in the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse, the assistant coordinator, Coalition of FCT Indigenous Groups Association, Comrade Ezekiel Dalhatu said President Buhari’s government failed to keep its promise of appointing an Abuja native as a minister.

“Abuja natives are disappointed in the government of General Muhammadu Buhari,” Dalhatu said.

“President Buhari promised and assured us that for the first time, an Abuja native would be made minister to represent us at the Federal Executive Council. We wanted to stage a protest when names of ministerial nominees were announced but our stakeholders said we should hold on that Buhari would keep his word.

“Buhari promised that ‘we (FCT natives) shall be shortlisted.’ Our Senator (Philip Aduda) raised a point of order that the list would not be considered until a native is shortlisted. We wrote to the presidency and the National Assembly, we protested and in the end, nobody from the FCT was short listed,” he added.

Dalhatu described that the marginalization of Abuja natives as a ‘ticking-time bomb’ capable of consuming the nation.

“This agitation will continue but in a peaceful manner but you cannot preempt the future. This issue is a ticking time-bomb that when it explodes, it will consume all of us.

“If our forefathers did nothing about it, you cannot predict this generation and the ones to come because they won’t take it,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Original Inhabitants Development Association (OIDA) has said that they would seek independent status from the northern and southern groups if the Nigerian federation is dissolved.

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The group said they will seek an independent status by calling on the United Nations to govern the 8,000sq kilometres territory through a transitional arrangement until it can become an autonomous city-state with socio-political and economic sovereignty.


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