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I Don’t Regret Ending OBJ’s Hope For Third Term – Ken Nnamani


Chief Olusegun ObasanjoA former Senate President, Ken Nnamani has said that he has no regrets stopping the third term agenda of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo.

According to reports, Nnamani also said that he will do it once more, if he is given another chance.
The former Senate President also called on the Federal Government to look into calls for the restructuring of Nigeria.

He said “Yes, I presided over the plenary for third term, and all that I needed was to call a spade by its name.

“If I have the opportunity to do it again, I will do the same thing.”

He also said “What I want to talk about is the issue of general agitations. I hope you don’t go with the comment of the former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Solomon Arase, that if you obey Mr President as a symbol of Nigeria, you have obeyed the country. It is not necessarily correct in all cases.

“If you read the revelation of the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, about Obasanjo, which has not been denied, you will understand that the statement from Arase is not true. For instance, he said on the issue of third term that Nnamani cannot go free, whatever that means I don’t know.

“Those against restructuring or devolution of power to the state will later see the need for it. If only we can make haste while the sun shines it might help our country. Each state in Nigeria has its own peculiarities. Yes, it might not be on equal proportion as of today.

“For instance, certain crops that grow in the North may have difficulty surviving in the South and the other way round. In my view, the South needs the North just as the North needs the South.

“So, the concept of any section being a parasite is not correct, because we are naturally endowed as a nation; and if we look properly inwards, we will identify those potential areas which we can turn into high productivity and revenue, we will find out that we are gifted and naturally blessed.”


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